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Published on 12/2018


Special Offer - Buckle Padded Boots

In 28.12 to 30.12, buy the Buckle Padded Boots have a special offer, HKD550 for 1 pair、HKD1,090 for 2 pairs. (Original price: HKD1,190 for 1 pair) At the end of the year, it is also the winter tourist season, and there is a pair of quilted boots that can keep warm. The Buckle Padded Boots are ...
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2018 Shoes Trend - 方跟Ankle Boots

The boat and ankle boots have been smashed for a while, the boat heel design is easier to walk than the childish design, but the boat and ankle boots have long since retired, and the ankle boots are replaced by the ankle boots and the boat with the ankle boots, more fashionable....
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2018 Shoes Trend - Dad Shoes

Dad Shoes also called 「Ugly Sneakers」that is the 2018 Shoes Trend. Heavy shoes and intricate details are considered to be rustic. The 90s sneakers are redefined in 2018. 2018 With the resurgence of the retro trend, the daddy shoes are out of control and have become a must-have item for the hipsters....
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Special Offer - Cone Heel Ankle Boots

在12月21-23號期間購買尖頭錐跟踝靴便可以優惠價購買HKD550一對、HKD990兩對。(原價HKD990) 除夕就到,要買定對靴出席Party,呢對靴非常容易襯搭,襯長褲又得短裙都得! 錐型鞋跟設計非常特別,既有增高的功能又容易行走,尖頭的短靴配上拉鍊的設計,時尚度滿分! 材質方面,表層和內底都選用了高質羊皮,穿著更舒適。鞋底所選用的橡膠底是意大利品牌,非常高質。 而且靴筒的高度剛好在小腿肚的下面,會拉長雙腿比例。 香港、澳門地區免運費。...
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12.12 Sale - 70% OFF

MioMia為慶祝雙十二提供限時優惠,全店七折,港澳免運費。 在12月12日(23:00)-13日(02:00)期間經MioMia官網購買產品,使用優惠折扣碼「MM1212」即享全單七折優惠,機會難得,快點把握機會!...
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Special Offer - Chelsea Boots

在12月14-16號期間購買圓頭厚底短靴便可以優惠價購買HKD550一對、HKD990兩對。(原價HKD990) 聖誕節就到,要買定對靴出席Party,呢對靴非常容易襯搭,襯長褲又得短裙都得! 彈力的靴筒輕便貼身會顯腿瘦,靴筒的高度剛好,會拉長雙腿比例,厚底設計既有增高的功能又容易行走,穿著更舒適。再加上彈力潛水布與牛皮的拼接,圓頭的短靴配上拉鍊的設計,時尚度滿分。 香港、澳門地區免運費。...
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