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Published on 05/2019


What Insole Should I Use For High Heels?

High heels, foot pains and insoles seem to be a vicious circle that is always connected. Wearing high heels can cause pain in the feet, and pain in the feet naturally reduces the insole. However, not many people know that different insoles are suitable for different insoles. If you want to wear high...
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MioMia June SALE!

MioMia's June offer is available in the whole store. The offer is available from now until June 30. You can purchase a variety of fashionable shoes through the official website miomia.com. The hot sale price is as low as HKD320, free shipping and all exchange opportunities in Hong Kong and Macau. . ...
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Wearing High Heels Is Easier For Men To Talk

Nicholas Gueguen, a social behavioral research scholar at the University of Bretagne in France, used social experiments to study the psychological effects of women wearing high heels on men. It was found that in the bar, girls wearing 3.5-inch high heels were averaged by men in 7.49 minutes. It is n...
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How To Choose The Wedding Shoes

At the wedding banquet, in general, the high-heeled shoes with too casual style are generally avoided as wedding shoes. In addition to showing the noble and elegant temperament of the bride, there are other purchases to pay attention to! Choose the height of the heel The most important thing about...
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Special Offer - Weave High Heels

In 24.05 to 26.05, buy the Weave High Heels have a special offer, HKD540 for 1 pair、HKD990 for 2 pairs. (Original price: HKD790 for 1 pair) Weave high heels are available in two colors, black and white. The mesh elements have become a must-have element in recent spring and summer. Many fashion item...
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