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Published on 02/2019


Special Offer - Velcro Sneakers

You can purchase HKD450 pair and HKD800 two pairs at a special price by purchasing Velcro casual shoes during March 1-3. (Original price HKD790) Velcro Sneakers have a total of three colors, in addition to the classic white shoes, there are wild black shoes, you can try pink in particular, the girl...
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MioMia nail-free technology Product safety and reliability

Ladies, have you ever tried to buy a pair of left-handed shoes and found that the insole is uncomfortable, as if there were nails on the forefoot? Or the shoes are resistant, the insole of the insole becomes flat, and it is found that there are nails protruding, and the upper jaw is really hurting, ...
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Special Offer - Black Mid-Heel Boots

Buy a pair of Western Boots or round-toe chunky ankle boots during February 22-24 to purchase a pair of HKD590, HKD1, 090. (Original price HKD990) The elastic boots of the pointed thick ankle boots and the round head with the ankle boots will be light and close to the legs. The height of the boot...
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