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Are you still thinking about wearing old-fashioned socks when socks are lined with high heels? Putting aside this old-fashioned concept, socks lining up high-heeled shoes has long been one of the most popular match, and the use of this method can make the same high-heeled shoes line up with different styles! Take a look at the real wear demonstrations of fashionistas!

In addition to highlighting the effect of shaping, socks also have a warming effect. Especially in the autumn and winter seasons, wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes, in addition to being able to resist the cold weather of the girls, can avoid the suffering of scratching the feet, is definitely a must-have for the "love of beauty" girls.

The technique of using socks to lining is actually quite simple. I would suggest that if your shoes are solid, you can lining the socks with patterns. However, if the color of the shoes is more delicate, you can choose some simple socks, for example, a monochrome style. If you wear shorts or short skirts, you can choose some longer socks, such as knee socks, which will be more feminine. Even if you want to be sexy, the style of the lining is also very beautiful.

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