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Dad Shoes also called 「Ugly Sneakers」that is the 2018 Shoes Trend. Heavy shoes and intricate details are considered to be rustic. The 90s sneakers are redefined in 2018. 2018 With the resurgence of the retro trend, the daddy shoes are out of control and have become a must-have item for the hipsters. Its thick and heavy body can always accidentally modify the proportion of girls' body and make the legs more elongated.

Balenciaga, LV, Gucci and even the limelight Kanye West, are vying to launch these stupid and outdated sneakers,  Today, from the fashion show to the trend of the IG and the street photos taken by the paparazzi, you will see a series of Dad Shoes.

1. Gucci

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2. Balenciaga

3. LV

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