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When it comes to the color of the trend every year, you will definitely think of the "color of the year" published by Pantone, the color authority. As long as you choose clothes and makeup according to the annual color, Pantone has become one of the goals that fashion people must follow every year.

But apart from Pantone, do you know that there is another "color guide" that you should not miss? If you are a fashion fanatic, you really have to know the company "Coloro". It knows color, creates color and shares color like Pantone. Recently, Coloro and the trend analysis company WGSN, which was founded in London in 1998, announced 2021 together. One of the trend colors, this color has a very special name called "AI Aqua", which sounds both avant-garde and full of technology. This color is called the representative color of the "Technology Age", which perfectly balances the boundaries between fashion and leisure. As a fashion control, you can't help!

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