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In 2019, it has officially passed half of it. BrandZ, the authoritative list publisher of the previous rankings, also stunned the statistics of the value of luxury brands in the first half of the year. The champion was naturally won by the most topical Louis Vuitton, and its brand value was compared with last year. It has risen by 15% to an astonishing $47.2 billion, which is attributed to the creativity of the brand's luxury leather goods and merchandise, which is the change brought by Virgil Abloh.

Next is Chanel, ranked 2nd with $37 billion, and Hermès, the third-ranked third with $31 billion. The list also includes well-known brands such as Gucci, Rolex, Cartier, Burberry, Dior, Saint Laurent and Prada. Among them, Saint Laurent and Dior also have a high growth rate of 45% and 29% respectively. BrandZ also said that the overall growth of the industry is as high as 38 billion US dollars, and the total value even reached $171.3 billion.

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