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The summer atmosphere is getting stronger and the weather is getting hotter. It is suitable for planning a summer vacation. In addition to what kind of clothes to wear, the choice of shoes can not be sloppy, but the summer has just begun, there is already a pair of shoes. Became the latest recommendation of IT Shoes, which is Chanel Mules.

Chanel is not only a classic representative of clothing and handbags, but also the shoes and accessories that are launched every season can always become the popular item of fashion blogger, and this summer's arrival, a pair of simple and stylish slippers is definitely the most needed for girls. Fashion item, and Chanel's plastic slippers, recently this colorful color matching slippers, appeared frequently in all major IG layouts, was named the latest sought-after shoes.

The latest Chanel Mules has become the latest welcome shoe of the season with a simple design and a variety of different colors. The heel is made of PVC and the upper is transparent except for some leather. Designed for both holiday and everyday mode, this pair of Chanel Mules is able to navigate. It is predicted that it will become a hot item in the short term, resulting in a shortage of goods, so it is too early to buy.

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