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High heels, foot pains and insoles seem to be a vicious circle that is always connected. Wearing high heels can cause pain in the feet, and pain in the feet naturally reduces the insole. However, not many people know that different insoles are suitable for different insoles. If you want to wear high heels but are isolated from your feet, you must know how to choose the insole that fits your foot.

General foot shape:

The position of the medial arch is concave and instinctively absorbs the impact of the foot while walking. However, the slope of the high heels tends to slide the foot forward, causing pressure to build up on the forefoot, causing pain in the foot; if walking, the center of gravity following the back will cause the heel and ankle to withstand more impact.

Suitable for insoles:

Half pad, the user can develop the habit of walking, put the insole in the position where the pressure is more serious when wearing high heels, which helps to relieve the pain of the foot; but the half pad is easy to move and should be positioned on the high heels with tape.

High bow feet:

The rigid foot structure sagged too much in the inwardly arched position. When walking, most of the feet are "away from the ground." The outer position of the sole is only affected by the impact of walking. Wearing high heels not only puts a lot of pressure on the heel and forefoot, but also causes the ankle to push outward. When the foot is injured, the lateral tendon and tendon ligament of the leg are tightened, which is prone to "green wood" and cause injury.

Suitable for insoles:

The insole, designed for high arches, fills the arched position and helps to support and eliminate the enormous forces generated while walking. However, the insole is thicker and not suitable for every pair of high heels, and the high arched girl is not suitable. Wear high heels, otherwise it will aggravate the symptoms.


Contrary to the high arched foot, the flat foot refers to the arc of the arch that is small or even collapsed. Because the arch does not have shock absorption, the sole of the foot is completely attached to the upper/ground when walking. When wearing high heels, the impact is transmitted to the knees and even the spine with the feet. When wearing high heels, the situation is more serious, causing many spines. pain.

Suitable for insoles:

The high arched insole arches in the arched arch, the arched position contributes to the arched effect, supports and aids in shock absorption, and has some relief from the problem of slightly flat feet.

Hallux valgus:

Also known as bunion, this means that the angle of the big toe is severely curved towards the inside. One of the reasons is that stress causes joints to form a lump, which is the most common sequelae of high heels. Eversion of the thumb can cause redness and pain in the big toe, which can seriously affect walking and even life.

Suitable for insoles:

The auxiliary toe pad is sandwiched between the big toe and the second toe to prevent the toes from continuing to bend outward. The silicone toe pad will only be exposed when wearing high heels, and low heel ankle boots or boots should be replaced. In the long run, the insole can only be used for relief, and eventually the plastic surgeon must assist with inflammation and pain.

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