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First, what are the characteristics of good leather shoes

A pair of better leather shoes, its appearance quality should meet the following requirements:

1. There is no visible or dark scratch on the leather upper, and the whole upper has bright color, no cracking, falling off, and discoloration. The surface of the sole should be bright, free of cracks and scratches, the notches are neat, and there is no disadvantage of broken dew and soft bottom.

2. The length of the two soles is the same, the fat and thin are completely equal, the length of the front gang and the height of the back gang should be suitable for the foot type. The upper and the sole are flat and have no skew deformation.

3. The lower part of the main heel and the inner head are hard, and there is no soft phenomenon with the flat pressure of the fingers, and there is no hard card foot.

4. The distance between the heels is equal, the heel is flat, the sewing stitches are even, and the shackles are neat and tidy.

5. The upper, the shoes, the sole are clean, no glue, paste, oil wax and other stains.

Second, what should you pay attention to when buying shoes?

To buy shoes, you must first consider the size of your feet and the number of shoes you want to buy. When trying on shoes, wear new shoes, stand straight, put the weight of the human body on your feet, and take a walk. The toes and the toe should be left with proper clearance, which is good for air circulation and foot hygiene. In general, shoes should be half the size of the foot. It is best to buy shoes in the afternoon, because after a long day of walking and standing, the feet will swell in the afternoon. If you go to buy shoes in the morning, you should leave this remainder. Some people have different feet and should pay attention when buying shoes.

Third, the travel shoes should be tried on both feet

Wearing double-small sneakers during travel is good for hiking and wading. When choosing a travel shoe, the first thing to look at is whether the work of the shoe is fine and whether the appearance is elegant and generous.

Secondly, it depends on whether the sole is stable and sturdy, comfortable and soft, and wearable.

Third, it depends on whether the shoes are soft and smooth.

Fourth, it depends on whether the ventilation is good, and the travel upper is made of canvas or soft leather.

Travel shoes must be suitable, when you buy shoes, you must try on your feet and repeat your feet. Especially for children. When you are traveling, you should buy flat shoes or wedge shoes. The upper should be higher and the upper should be deeper. It is best to try on for a few days before departure.

Fourth, how to identify horse leather shoes and sheepskin shoes

Horseshoe shoes: The pores of the grain are oval, slightly larger than the pores of the yellow leather. They are placed obliquely into the leather. The pores are regularly arranged to form a mountain shape. The leather is looser and less plump than the yellow cattle.

Sheepskin shoes: The flat pores of the grain are drawn into the leather obliquely, and the pores are one root, arranged like a scale or a zigzag shape. The grain of the sheep's leather is fine and smooth, but the goat's leather is clearer than the sheep's leather and the leather is elastic.

The above points, can you help you choose a pair of suitable shoes? Summer is here, many girls like to choose sandals, here to give you a suggestion, try more, see if it is grinding feet. The quality is good or bad.

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