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MioMia Interview: HKDA Vice President Catherine

Women's shoes are closely related to the fashion design industry. Whether the design of shoes is close to the trend will directly sell, so MioMia invited the Hong Kong Designers Association HKDA Vice President Catherine Zhang Sihui to accept our visit. Catherine is an interior designer with an aesth...
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MioMia Interview: Poly U Alan Hau

MioMia sells women's shoes, which is definitely a fashion industry. Of course, I have to visit Alan Hau, a tutor of the Polytechnic University. I have created a creative media company. I have some research on design. He gave some locals in Hong Kong. Some suggestions for entrepreneurial brands, I be...
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MioMia Interview: Inno Space Founder Sandra

MioMia has been in business for almost half a year. One of the founders, Whitney Wong, is a newcomer to the business. Of course, he has to learn from some entrepreneurs and learn about business. This time, he visited Sandra, the founder of Inno Space. Inno Space is a startup platform established by ...
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Bread-TV Visits MioMia Founder Whitney Wong

MioMia was founded by AIM (HONG KONG) LIMITED, one of the founders of Whitney Wong. Earlier, Whitney Wong accepted a visit to the bread station on behalf of MioMia. The program "Big Pulse" was hosted by Miao Miao, sharing MioMia in the business. The difficulties encountered on the road, and more sha...
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