Welcome to MioMia Online Store!

Shopping Guide


  1. For Hong Kong, we ship all orders by SF Express.
  2. For foreign district / countries, please email us for the arrangement of shipping.


  1. MioMia will pack every order by paper box or plastic bag.
  2. Every product will be packed by plastic bag.

Shipping schedule

  1. Every stocked order will be shipped within 3 working days.
  2. For instructed order, MioMia will place the order upon receipt of instruction. It may takes approximately 8 working days to be delivered to Hong Kong. Tessley will ship the order after final inspection.

Non-refundable and non-exchangeable items

  1. With the label “Non-refundable and non-exchangeable” in the right side of the product page.
  2. All instructed order
  3. All discounted item

Membership registration

Click “Register” at the upper right corner of the Homepage to register as a member for free. You can also use Facebook login as your register account. TESSLEY will use your registered email address as the principle contact method. Please review your email setting so as to avoid treating our valuable information as junk mail.

Shopping flow

  1. Login MioMia
  2. Add the product into the Cart (Please remember to choose size and color when appropriate)
  3. Go to “Check Out” page and input your personal information and mailing address.
  4. Choose the payment method.
  5. Complete the payment (You will receive an email confirmation sent by our system when you successfully placed an order. Confirmed order cannot be cancelled or edited.
  6. Upon receipt of the order, MioMia will arrange to deliver the order.
  7. MioMia will issue a tracking coder to customer by email after the order had been delivered. Customer can track the delivery status by the tracking code.
  8. Goods delivered to the designated address of the customer successfully.