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How to choose a pair of good shoes?

First, what are the characteristics of good leather shoes A pair of better leather shoes, its appearance quality should meet the following requirements: 1. There is no visible or dark scratch on the leather upper, and the whole upper has bright color, no cracking, falling off, and discolor...
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Tissue Paper

A pair of new shoes will be shipped, two paper balls will be stuffed inside the shoes, and the upper will be wrapped in tissue paper. What is the role? There are two functions in total. First, the shape of the toe is folded with a tissue paper roll to support the shoe and prevent the shoe from being...
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MioMia nail-free technology Product safety and reliability

Ladies, have you ever tried to buy a pair of left-handed shoes and found that the insole is uncomfortable, as if there were nails on the forefoot? Or the shoes are resistant, the insole of the insole becomes flat, and it is found that there are nails protruding, and the upper jaw is really hurting, ...
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