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MioMia has its own factory, design and production team has more than 20 years of experience in the production of high-end women's shoes, create their own brand, and strive to introduce high-quality fashion shoes for customers.

Nowadays, many industries require wearing uniform at work. A pair of uniform shoes can provide a tidy and unified appearance which can effectively build up team spirit and company image. The industry that usually needs to wear uniforms has a long standing time, so the requirements for shoes are relatively high. It is hoped that the style of the shoes can be fashionable and comfortable in quality, and MioMia can meet these two conditions.

In order to meet the needs of market customers, the company MioMia is committed to the development of uniform shoes tailoring services. According to the customer's work characteristics and needs, we design fashionable and comfortable uniform shoes for our customers. In addition, since MioMia has its own factory, the order quantity can be greatly adjusted to provide the best quality products at reasonable prices.

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Crystal Lee
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