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A pair of new shoes will be shipped, two paper balls will be stuffed inside the shoes, and the upper will be wrapped in tissue paper. What is the role? There are two functions in total. First, the shape of the toe is folded with a tissue paper roll to support the shoe and prevent the shoe from being deformed by being squeezed during storage or transportation. Secondly, the left and right feet and the pair of shoes are separately wrapped with tissue paper, and the main function is to prevent the surface of the new shoes from being stained and scratched.

Why choose this tissue paper? It is necessary to start from the characteristics of tissue paper  In fact, it is a high-order cultural industrial paper with a relatively high production difficulty. Tissue paper  is thin and tough, generally pure white, and very light. It is packed in tissue paper and does not increase the weight of the shoe box. It can reduce the burden on transportation costs. Moreover, the appearance of tissue paper is smooth and delicate, so there is no need to worry that the material of the paper will cause scratching problems due to frictional contact with the new shoes.

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