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QC (Quality Control), I believe that everyone is familiar with this term, that is, quality control. People who are generally not working on the production line may think that quality control is the last step in the production line. In fact, QC is a good position in the entire production process, which is the whole process of product manufacturing and overall operation.

You may be more impressed with the food factory, such as the shoes factory that manufactures winter hoes. In the middle of the production, there will be workers responsible for picking up some incomplete winter rafts. MioMia's team is very particular about the quality of the products. QC procedures are added to different departments of the production. For example, if employees check the diamond accessories one by one and receive all the materials of the leather, they will check the thickness one by one and select only the parts suitable for shoes. In the production, in the workshop, broken needles are indispensable, but we must require the workshop master to find broken needles before continuing production, so as to ensure the safety of customers and the quality of products.

Special Offer - V-Neck Flats
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