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At the wedding banquet, in general, the high-heeled shoes with too casual style are generally avoided as wedding shoes. In addition to showing the noble and elegant temperament of the bride, there are other purchases to pay attention to!

Choose the height of the heel

The most important thing about wedding shoes is to match the wedding dress and make the dress look more beautiful! The most important thing about wedding shoes is the height of the heel, because the height of the heel can adjust the overall proportion of the dress.

The length of the dress is best to fall on the length of the ground. If the dress will touch the ground when the dress is worn, the heel of the wedding shoes should be slightly higher. Do not let the skirts put on the ground to make the lines of the dress completely reveal. In terms of the overall proportion, the larger the area of the lower skirt, the smaller the face will appear, and the contrast will look perfect. In order to achieve the effect of adding and multiplying, you can wait for the wedding dress to choose the wedding shoes that can set off its charm!

Choose good shoes

Wearing a beautiful wedding dress will naturally change the walking posture. But if you don't wear high heels often, it's not that easy to take an elegant step. At this time, choosing a thick heel with high stability will be more suitable than a thin heel, and you can feel more at ease when walking.

In addition, if you are worried that the shoes will be too loose, you can choose the style with the laces, so that every step is safe and elegant, reducing unnecessary troubles. It is the best way to choose the style of the wedding shoes according to the height of your usual habits.

Choose the right color

The most classic thing about wedding shoes is white. White has a clean, pure symbol, so it is suitable as the color of wedding shoes. White, silver, gold, beige, and light pink are recommended. Goose yellow and sky blue are also good choices.

In addition to matching the wedding dress, you can choose the color of the clothes such as suits and dresses, so that you don't have the chance to wear them after the wedding.

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