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About Us

Brand Introduction
The MioMia premium fashion footwear brand was founded in Hong Kong in 2018. The brand embraces the spirit of individuality, innovation and self-confidence, pursuing young fashion while presenting the unique style of women. In addition to the chic style and close to the fashion trend, the shoes are meticulous in quality, ensuring that the shoes are as good as the artworks when the customers receive the goods. MioMia has its own factory, design and production team has more than 20 years of experience in the production of high-end brand women's shoes, create their own brand, and strive to introduce high-quality fashion shoes for customers.

Brand Concept
MioMia's interpretation of Italian is "my mine", customers can order their own shoes, put on high-heeled shoes and step out of their own way, from the inside out to exude a charming charm, show confidence and true attitude anytime, anywhere, Highlight the taste of fashion and elegance.

Founder story
MioMia was founded by AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED, one of the founders of Whitney Wong who is a single mother with a pair of twin sons. She also opened a special page "Helios Tadeo & Mama" on Facebook. In the entertainment industry, Yu Yu was developed as an artist for more than ten years. The fashion tastes she touched were biased towards high-end and fashion. She pursued the pursuit of beauty and chose the footwear business. She hoped to have her own shoe factory through years of experience. Quality products are promoted to more female customers, so that they can wear high-quality women's shoes and step out of their own life.